About Us

The Campaign to End the Military Trials of Civilians is a made up of several active members of the ongoing Egyptian Revolution. 

We believe that ending the military trials of civilians is a key requirement on the road to freedom and democracy. 

To put it in perspective, one lawyer commented that "a soldier facing a court martial has scores more rights than an Egyptian civilian facing a miltiary tribunal".

To date, at least 12,000 civilians have been tried before military courts - a large part of them revolutionaries arrested at demonstrations and sit-ins. Minors have been sent to adult prisons. Death sentences have been handed down. This is not the freedom that we fought and died for. 

Our revolution continually sought to be peaceful and legal. For it to stand a chance of fulfilling it's potential full oversight of the law must be returned to the civilian judiciary.

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Email us at defendtherevolution@gmail.com


An Alexandria group has been formed to call and campaign to end military trials for civilians, the group works in coordination with the main group of activists of the “No Military Trials” in Cairo and has the same goals and aims.

Hot line: +20194874569
Email: nomiltrials.alex@gmail.com