Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Children...Victims of the Military Junta

 “At first they shoved us in front of them..lashing their whips to the ground, beating us with their bare hands while we ran sandwiched between two columns of soldiers who kept trampling us then beating us when we’were down.  Later, two tall men wearing sun glasses showed up..they kept electrocuting us for about half a minute at a time. We were about 100 or less. I was the youngest. I handed them my School ID”

   This was a passage from the testimony of a 15 year old who got arrested on the 10th of Feb. in Ramsis sq. after the curfew was imposed.  He was set free on the 28th. This testimony was documented by the Nadeem Centre on March 1st 2011..a date up until which the boy could not locate his father.

Since it all started kids have not been spared the violations committed by the Military. Violations including cussing, beating, electrocution, sexual assault, Court Martialed as well as Emergency State Security trials for civilians. Every incident where a sit-in or a protest march have been forcefully dealt with, and every campaign of random detentions aimed at the revolutionaries, children younger than 18 years of age were among the victims.

Mostafa Gamal El-Deen : 15 years old

A Second year Prep. School student. Was arrested in Tahrir sq.
Was sentenced with one year imprisonment by a Court Martial to be spent in the Torah prison. He was later suddenly released in three weeks time.

Mohamed Abdel Hady : 16 years old

Was arrested disembarking a public transport at Tahrir sq.
Was sentenced with three years by a Court Martial. Also Torah prison.
Following a two month campaign for his release, his sentence was commuted then suspended. He was released with the rest of the group arrested on the 21st of May, 2011 after spending two months in prison.

Events of the 15th of May 2011 (The Nakba Anniversary)

While disbanding a protest in front of the Israeli Embassy 150 protesters were arrested, 17 of which were minors (under the age of 18). They all were Court Martialed.
They were later released with a suspended sentence of one year in prison.

Israeli Embassy Events of the 9th of March, 2011

87 people were randomly rounded up on the 10th of March. Among which 8 were minors who were Court Mortadella then later released on the 1st of November with suspended sentences.
On the night of the protest (9th March) 38 people were arrested, 5 of which were minors including a 14 year old boy.  They were referred to an Emergency State Security Court to be later released. The case is still on going.

Events of the 30th of Sept. 2011 (MOD)

12 protestors were arrested. A 15 year old child by the name of Seif Sadek was among them.  He was later acquitted and released on the 13th of Nov.

Events of the 9th of October. 2011 (The Maspero Massacre)

28 people were arrested among which three were minors. They were questioned by the Military Prosecutor.  The minors were released on the 23rd of November.
The case was redirected to a civilian special prosecutor but is still on going.

Cases of Note

Islam Ragab Harby : Born 1995
He was Court Martialed for aggravated robbery (Case #409 2011) and was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment (the same sentence enforced on Khaled Saeid’s murderers)
He is now spending time in the maximum security Torah prison awaiting final ratification of his sentence in order to appeal.

This constitutes the information available to us as to the minors who were subjected to Court Martialed.  The question remains : exactly how many children had to go through torture at the hands of the Military under the pretense of a “security void” or the Nation going through a “critical time” ?
How many of them are still in prison, after being Court Martialed, whom we don’t know anything of?

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