Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update: Appeal Hearing for Alaa Scheduled for November 3rd.

Alaa's lawyers have lodged an appeal against his imprisonment and a hearing will be held at C28, the Military Court, tomorrow, November 3rd. 

There have been no formal charges brought against him; it is not even clear if there will be a trial. So why is he now spending his fourth night in a cramped, unlit cell?

Bahaa Saber, called in on the same day, also took a brave and principled stand against the military tribunals. But the court judged Alaa to be a flight risk, and so sent him to jail. 

Alaa was in America when he was summoned. He returned to attend his hearing. His wife is three weeks away from giving birth to their first child. How can he be considered a flight risk? He should be released tomorrow. He should have never been held to begin with.

Alaa is one of thousands suffering at the hands of an illegal system of military tribunals. They must all be released or, at the very least, retried in a civilian court. 

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