Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Lincoln Stands in Solidarity with Egypt

A statement published on Occupy Lincoln's website.


Occupy Lincoln (Nebraska) stands in solidarity with those in Egypt who are fighting for participatory democracy and social justice. The revolutionary protests that deposed the dictator Mubarak have not succeeded in establishing a rule of the people. Instead, a military junta exercises draconian rule over the country. Activists are imprisoned and tortured without trial, women have been sexually assaulted by the army, and many more have been killed since the overthrow of Mubarak, a struggle that claimed over a thousand of your comrades.

We must not forget that it was our corrupt government that supported and aided the dictator which oppressed your country for 30 years. Our struggles are therefore intimately connected – we must rectify the situation in this country which allowed this complicity to occur, and we must support the people of Egypt against their own corrupt leadership. Let us begin a new era by stating whole-heartedly that we are with the people of Egypt in their revolutionary struggle against all forms of tyranny and oppression. We believe that if we are to secure a decent future for ourselves and future generations we must work together toward a society in which all people have a say in the decisions that affect them and in which allpeople have guaranteed protections in the form of human rights. The most basic of these being: the right to freedom from tyranny and persecution; the right to free speech; the right to take part in the democratic process; the right to live a healthy life with adequate medical care, education, food, clean water and shelter, and the right of individual autonomy in matters of personal choice – like the right to choose any religion, or no religion, and to love or marry whomever one chooses.

We are fighting for these things too, in our country. Your call for revolutionary change and your courage to resist inspired us. We are grateful for this inspiration you gave us and we are proud to stand with you in this struggle. We will do all that we can to defend you in your fight.

Yours in Solidarity,
The members of Occupy Lincoln

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