Monday, November 7, 2011

Global Online Protest Against Military Trials in Egypt

The No Military Trials for Civilians group calls for your participation in a global online protest against the unjust imprisonment of thousands of Egyptians by the Army since the revolution. 

Please go to the links below and express your rejection of military trials for civilians and military oppression in Egypt at the specified times on Wednesday November 9th. In order to comment on Facebook, you may have to ‘like’ the page first, but you can always unlike any offending pages after a couple of days...

Please comment on SCAF’s Facebook page from: 

  • 10:00pm - 10:30pm   Cairo
  • 8:00pm   -  8:30pm    London 
  • 4:00pm   -  4:30 pm   New York
  • 1:00pm   -  1:30pm    Los Angeles 

You can improvise or use the following examples:

  • I demand an end to military trials for civilians in Egypt. 
  • I will protest in solidarity with Egyptian prisoners on November 12th

  • We will not tolerate SCAF's violation of human rights in Egypt. 
  • As a citizen of [ _ _ _ _ _ _ ] I will pressure my government not to support military dictatorship in Egypt. 

Please comment on CNN and BBC’s walls and ask them to cover military oppression in Egypt from 

  • 10:30pm -  11:00pm    Cairo
  • 8:30pm   -   9:00pm     London
  • 4:30pm   -   5:00pm     New York
  • 1:30pm   -   2:00pm     Los Angeles

As the growing global revolution shows, our governments are failing to serve their people. We must therefore act collectively to change and share our futures. The fundamental importance of human rights knows no borders, abuses of power can be kept in check wherever people decide to take a stand. In speaking to each other, in working together and for each other, we recognize that our goals are shared: we seek local justice for ourselves, global justice for all and the two are inextricably bound. 


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