Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 9th: The aftermath

Updated on 11/11 at 4:20AM

In light of the events that unfolded by the Israeli Embassy and the Giza Security Directorate Friday evening, subsequent to the 09/09 demonstrations, a number of demonstrators were arrested by army and police forces. The identities of the detainees have not been officially confirmed yet, and there is strong speculation that they will be tried in a military court.

38 people have already been questioned by the Military Prosecutor, and 10 people are currently being questioned but our lawyers were denied entry, and thus could not attend the questioning with the latter group.

Al-Ahram Online Portal has published the names of 19 individuals supposedly detained at the Military Prosecution Facility (C28) consequent to Friday evening's events.

Below are the charges faced by the 19 detained:

1) Deliberate destruction/vandalism of public property belonging to a state institution, including state facilities and the front gate of the Giza Security Directorate.

2) Use of force and violence with public servants, including members of the armed forces and the police, that were carrying out a public duty of protecting and securing the aforementioned facilities.

3) Intentional endangerment of public transportation facilities and pedestrians in the area of the Giza Security Directorate.

4) Intentional damage to the property of others.

5) Intentionally setting fire to police vehicles.

6) Use of force and threats of violence to terrorize innocent passers-by.

7) Possession of "explosives" and "molotov" cocktails.

8) Assembly and the use of force and violence, thus endangering public security.

Name and Age:

1) Yasser Mohamed Tawfiq - 38 years

2) Hassan El-Sherbiny Hassan El-Shirbiny - 23 years

3) Mohamed Abdelrahman Mahmoud - 17 years

4) Sherif Attiam Mohamed Abdelrahman - 22 years

5) Ahmed Mahmoud Abdelkareem - 22 years

6) Hamed Mohamed Rizq Hassaan - 18 years

7) Fathy Samir Abdelkareem Hassan - 33 years

8) Ahmed Ramadan Nasr - 24 years

9) Samy Abdelaziz Abdelwahed - 32 years

10) Ahmed Shams-Eldin Ali - 24 years

11) Mo'men Taher Mohamed Fahim - 20 years

12) Fady Mostafa El-Saeed - 19 years

13) Tawfiq Ahmed Mohamed Sarhan - 23 years

14) Ahmed Samir Abdelrazeq - 18 years

15) Mohamed Salah-Eldin Mahmoud - 25 years

16) Ramy Mahmoud Mohamed Gad - 25 years

17) Mostafa El-Sayed Ismail Ali - 19 years

18) Abelhakeem Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud - 22 years

19) Islam Mahmoud Hanafi - 20 years

Our group has also received reports of additional names of potential detainees whose names are not in the "official list" stated above, and they are:

- Ezzat Aly Ezzat
- Ahmed Hassan El-Bannah
- Tawfiq Ahmed Mohamed Sarhan
- Sherif Zeinhom Abdelraheem
- Waleed Mounir Abdelsalaam Eissa
- Amir Mohamed Fathy Abdelsamie
- Ahmed Mansour

Lawyers are following up on the matter, and any updates will be posted as soon as they are received.

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